Dr. Nguyen Minh Phuong holds degree of Orthodontics in France

Properly consultation and treatment

Alwaysput itselfin the role ofa client, MozartDental Clinic understandsthe concerns, expectations ofcustomers. We are serving customers:

• Careful checking: Because thisisthe most importantdiagnosisto determinethe causeas well asto providethe rightandthe mostappropriate, effective treatmentplan, toguarantee fast, accurate, aestheticresultandconvenient forcustomers.
• Clear advice: Our doctors always explain clearly to customersthe symptoms, how topreventdental diseasesandsolutions to restoreforeach caseandforeachspecific customer.
• Gentle treatment: There are many clientsfear ofpainthat causes thehesitateto visitclinic. Being understandable,DentalMozart has equippednew and modern machinestogether withthe ingenuityof thetherapist, soothing music…that helpstreatmentbecomesmuch morepleasant.

Innovative facilities and sterile standard

Treatment chairs are equipped with computers and 19” LCD screens, which connect to digital X-ray system that support treatment process. Our modern X-ray system gives accurate image with 20 – 30 times lower of radiation than other normal system. In place computer system allow watching high-resolution films.

Our purpose is client’s benefit and health

We expect to give properly explanation for each step of orthodontic treatment to clients and their family. The clearer clients understand about treatment process, the more effective they could receive and the more belief clients could layon our doctors.

Connection and mutual understanding are the successful keys in every orthodontic treatment. If you have any question, please contact our Doctors and staffs; we love to share with our clients!