1. How much longer does an Emax treatment take in comparison with ceramo-metal teeth?

From initial, Ceramo-metal could give you a very good result but after 2 years, your teeth have to do prosthetic treatment because of periodontal discolored.

2. What age could E.Max apply for?

Emax is suitable for prosthetics and it seems to be safe atevery age and every position

from molar, incisor, canine. Especially, EMax is the first option for incisor prosthetics and commit aesthetic look for patient:
 Discolored teeth;
 Teeth that are chipped or broken
 Teeth after treatment (cavity, endodontics, etc)

3. Ceramo-ceramic EMax vs. ceramo-metal teeth

Aesthetics is the most valuable advantage of ceramo-ceramic EMax. It looks natural and lively like your real teeth, which ceramo-metal teeth can not give you.

4. Could combine porcelain verneerto Invisalign treatment?

It is not comparable between verneer and Invisalign. However, in some cases, both of two technologies are used to solve problems for aesthetic teeth.

Porcelain verneer could add and combine with Invisalign to improve shape or color of your teeth. If you have broken teeth or crooked teeth, Veneer could be applied to complete your look after having orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.