How long does an orthodontic treatment take?

Time depends on specific condition of your teeth. Normally it takes 12-24 months for an orthodontic treatment. Because everyday you always have to move your mouth with many different forces to speak, chew, swallow, etc soeven ifyourteethhave beenputinproperlybiteofit, you should stillwearretained applianceone moreyear tomake sureyour teethis stable in its newposition.

Could my teeth be painful and removable while doing orthodontic treatment?

This isthe procedureto moveyour teethandputitinthe correctpositionofbitethereforeyouwillfeel uncomfortable atthe place where your teeth are moving, but notmuchpainfulandyour teethare stillstrongafterorthodontic treatment.

Dental careduring theorthodontic treatment?

Many peopleareafraid toconsulttheir dentist fordentalcarewhenwearingbracesbecauseittakes timeandrequires more attentive. Removable appliance is easier toclean. Forbraces, aftereachmeal, youhave take out retained food then brush your teeth.

Retainer appliance

Retainer appliance in orthodontic is made from plastic and its function is to keep you teeth in stable position after removing braces. It takes 1 year in average or various depend on each case but patients in teenager could wear it until 18 years old.