Choose your braces

Before deciding to choose an orthodontic treatment, you should consult with dentists to select the most appropriate type of braces including efficiency and financial capabilities.

Metal braces 

Metalbracesarethe most economicalchoice that is oftenchosen foryoung children who do not have demand on aesthetic treatmentas adults.


Ceramic braces 

Ifyou concern about the beauty of yoursmilewhile wearingbraces, non-reflectiveceramicbracesare easilymixed withnatural toothcolor could satisfy you.


Damon self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces isaremarkable technologyinthefield

oforthodontics that contains outstanding advantages:
• Small orthodonticforceandsmallfrictionhelpteethmovefaster withoutcausingpain
• Prevent from toothextractions
•The timing oforthodontic proceduresareshortenedand the distance betweenappointments are stretchedout.
•Easier to keep oral hygiene.


Invisalign – Transparent orthodontic tray

Invisalign is the most advancedtechnologyin the field ofcosmetic dentistry. It bringsbeautiful smileand confidenceto everyone. Invisalignisaseries ofclear plastictrays, cosmetic,

consistent withstandardsof health, non-toxic and is manufacturedunderstrict processforeach individual, helpingtomove teethintoright bitewithoutwearingbraces.


Lingual braces

Bracesareattached to thelingual-sideoftheteeththerefore they arecompletely invisible. This orthodonticmethodis suitablefor adults who want toimprove the aestheticsandfunctionofteethbutdo notwant others toknow they are doingorthodontics.